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Dörner Keller

Axel Dörner / Beat Keller

Axel Dörner: trumpet, electronics
Beat Keller: feedbacker electric guitar, acoustical guitar 

Inexhaustible Editions is proud to present Aphanite, the debut duo album of German trumpet player Axel Dörner and Swiss guitarist Beat Keller.

Dörner and Keller met in Berlin and have been playing together as a duo for several years. After numerous concerts in various countries, they completed their highly-anticipated studio recording in February 2023 in Winterthur, Switzerland. The studio session was recorded and later mixed by Beat Keller in Winterthur, and mastered by Martin Siewert in Vienna. The unusual music of the two experienced improvisers is characterised, among others, by the instrumentation: both musicians use conventional instruments (trumpet and guitar), which are enhanced by extended techniques and special electronic touches. The duo balances between experimental and contemporary music, using elements of both movements. The electroacoustic instrumentation, which draws from the traditional and the new, and the natural flow of the sound events – in which the identities of the sounds are and always remain clearly audible – leads to a remarkable listening experience in which unexpected and indescribable feelings and moods can unfold.