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KFE (Keller-Friedli-Eden)

Beat Keller: guitar - Lionel Friedli: drums - Philipp Eden: piano

"Highly energetic, rhythmic momentary music with a subtle punk attitude"

KFE stands for the following:

Kommunismus für Einsteiger
Kreative Fokus-Erweiterung
Knowledge from Experience
Kaffee für Enthusiast*innen
Können Fliegen Erröten
Klavier Feedbacker-Gitarre Ein Drummer
Keller Friedli Eden

The latter play music today as if there were no yesterday - high-energy, rhythmic music of the moment with a subtle punk attitude.

Lionel Friedli plays with almost all Swiss jazz greats and international high-flyers such as Stephan Eicher, Marc Ribot and Fred Frith and also won the Fondation SUISA Jazz Award in 2015. The second member of the group is Beat Keller, who is one of the most important Swiss musicians in the field of experimental and improvised music and has developed a unique way of musical expression through the exploration of extended playing techniques, prepared guitar and the conscious use of feedback. Pianist, co-founder of the Gamut collective, co-curator of STUENZI (Rote Fabrik) and genre-crosser Philipp Eden completes this constellation, which is very exciting to see.