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Keler's 10

Keller's 10

Reto Anneler - alto/ soprano saxophone, flute
Rafael Schilt - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Rafael Baier - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Linus Hunkeler - trumpet, flugelhorn
Yannick Barman - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bernhard Bamert - trombone
Fabian Beck - bass trombone, tuba
Peter Zihlmann - piano, rhodes
Peter Gossweiler - double bass
Marius Peyer - drums
Beat Keller - composer, conductor

Keller's 10 is a 10-strong band based in Switzerland, which was formed by composer and conductor Beat Keller in 2006.

Since then the band has released two albums and played in countless clubs and at numerous festivals.

Their music can be classed as Jazz, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Rock, New Orleans, Ambient and Manic Polka.

The press, radio stations and TV channels all over the world have reported on Keller's 10 or played their music. 

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