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First reviews for Saadet Türköz & Beat Keller: "We Are Strong"

"Turkish singer Saadet Türköz collaborates with Swiss guitarist Beat Keller on We Are Strong – a pared-back selection of yearning folk music and textural jazz arrangements exploring Türköz’s Uyghur roots."The Guardian 

"Saadet and Keller are extremely inventive throughout the album, and it is an excellent example of improvised music that draws on aspects of traditional sounds as well as free improvisation. It’s a heady mix." - London Jazz News 

Specially featured artist "New and notable" on Bandcamp

Saadet Türköz & Beat Keller Guardian Saadet Türköz & Beat Keller London Jazz News Saadet Türköz & Beat Keller Bandcamp New and notable


New release - Saadet Türköz & Beat Keller: "We Are Strong" out on Chinabot

"Experimental musician Saadet Türköz joins Chinabot to release We are Strong, an exploration of her unique fusion of classical avant garde and jazz with the traditional sounds of her Turkic Uyghur roots. An improvised collaboration with Swiss guitarist Beat Keller, We are Strong showcases her vocal talent and the enduring strength of Uyghur culture."

Saadet Türköz, voice, lyrics 
Beat Keller, E-Guitar, A-Guitar 
Released on August 6th 2021
Format: Digital / Tape
Recorded in January 2021 at Lagerstudios in Winterthur, Switzerland, mixed and mastered by Beat Keller 
Artwork by Saphy Vong
get your copy here or via bandcamp

Saadet Türköz & Beat Keller Saadet Türköz, voice,
 lyrics  Beat Keller, E-Guitar,

Album release concert "Quiero ver a ese monstruo" by Ciao Ciao Cello

Flyer Concert
Album release concert on July 27 2021 at Kühlspot, Lehderstraße 74, 13086 Berlin, Deutschland > Link to event
Out on zOaR records ZCD 087 > buy album
Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio (voice), Beat Keller (feedbacker electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Jack Adler-McKean (tuba)

“Ciao Ciao Cello dance on the fine line between terror and joy with surprising improvisations that seem to emerge from a primal sonic place: music before the rules were written and after they fell apart.”
Elliott Sharp

+ guest trio
Axel Dörner, trumpet
Carina Khorkhordina, trumpet 
Burkhard Beins, percussion


New release "und ja, and yes," out on zOaR records

"With UND JA, AND YES, Messrs. Puntigam, Keller and Wilbertz present a virtuosic music that operates across varied moods while traversing barriers of genre and style. This is accomplished not with a flaming sword but with sly humor and pointed technique. These pieces are miniatures and in their own way pay tribute to the master of the miniature, Anton Webern, who distilled primal energy into compact arcs of crystalline sonic purity. In this album, the balance between improvised spontaneity and structural integrity is achieved with the manifestation of pithy statements that never wear out their welcome but instead leave a lasting impression in the ear in much the same way that a powerful flash will imprint upon your visual cortex."
Elliott Sharp     get your copy here

Recorded in November 2019 in Linz, Austria. Released on November 13 2020. 
Werner Puntigam: trombone & conch shell, Beat Keller: feedbacker electric guitar, Georg Wilbertz: drums & percussion


New release on B-Boim records

guitar and sine tones
b-boim records 033. released on october 21st 2020
composed by koen nutters
electric guitar, recording and mix: beat keller
sine tone track assembled by koen nutters
mastered by taku unami
special thanks to radu malfatti
get your copy here

guitar and sine tonescover guitar and sine tones

Like The Grass

Album out July 3rd 2020 on Kit Records. 
Johannesburg composer and bow expert Cara Stacey, South African violinist and composer Galina Juritz, German harp player Antonia Ravens and Swiss guitarist and sonic explorer Beat Keller.
Recorded in Basel, Switzerland in 2018. Remixes by Michael Marshall (Object Agency, Poirier Marshall Partners) and Tom Skinner (Hello Skinny, Okumu Herbert Skinner Trio)


Cao Keller Siedl: SUR LE FIL

Motorized shadow play triggered by sounds. Recorded in Klosterneuburg, Austria in February 2020


New album by Eric Wong Guitar Ensemble

The new album by the Eric Wong Guitar Ensemble was recorded in December in Berlin. Featuring Eric Wong, Margareth Kammerer, Hannes Buder, Inon Peres, Brett Thomson, Joseph Kudirka and BK on electric guitars. It contains new pieces by Eric Wong and Joseph Kurdirka. The album will be released in the first half of 2020 on Full Body Massage Records. 


Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø & Beat Keller

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: amplified trombone
Beat Keller: feedbacker electric guitar
Recorded in Berlin DE to Zoom recorder, Oct 10th 2019


New album "Like The Grass"

to be released this Fall season on Kit Records. Recorded live in Basel, CH in June 2018. 
Feat. Cara Stacey, Galina Juritz, Antonia Ravens and myself