Joke Lanz - Turntables & voice
Beat Keller - Feedbacker electric guitar & acoustic guitar

Vinyl and Feedback

Two turntables and a feedbacker guitar: with this rather unusual set-up, the two Swiss noise musicians Beat Keller and Joke Lanz oscillate between perfect dissonance and intelligent harmony.
With their stripped-down instruments, the guitar and the record player, Keller and Lanz create a unique soundscape, which is probably quite rarely heard in this combination.
Joke Lanz has been a constant in the field of experimental turntablism for decades. With his record players, he works various fragments and sound sources into new pictures.
Beat Keller completes these pictures. The musician has been experimenting with his feedbacker guitar for years. It allows him to go further on his musical journey and to create sounds which would not be possible using conventional guitars.

Text: Philipp Bürkler